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Genuine U.S. Military Surplus
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Surplus Clothing and Equipment

We currently have a number of different items available which are genuine government surplus items. These are availble on a first come, first served basis because to a large degree there are limited quantities. Items available will regularly change as current items are sold and new surplus is obtained. Where possible, we are providing images of the merchandise and specifics as to construction, sizes available, quality, etc. Other items are listed at the bottom of the page, with an e-mail form for inquiries about them if you have interest in them.

    For our surplus merchandise we have established specific categories of quality which are based on our inspection of these items when received. In all cases we attempt to be as accurate as possible so you can be confident on the quality of product you are receiving. Following are our categories:

  • New/Like New - this includes any item that comes packaged or tagged and looks new or, if unpackaged or tagged, looks new by our inspection. These may contain minor markings or flaws or may be wrinkled due to handling or warehousing, etc., but all effort will be made to provide the highest quality product.
  • Excellent - this includes merchandise that looks to be used, but with little wear and intact as a product - that is with no missing parts. May have some markings from use and handling.
  • Good - this category includes all other merchandise we make available. It is used, shows some signs of wear, may have someone's name on it or other markings, but is still fully intact and functional as a product.
Go to either of the pages below or review the list of other surplus products and e-mail us with your request
Other Surplus Items

Other Surplus Items

If you are interested in any of the following products at this time, you can fill out the e-mail form below providing information as to which product you are interesed in, specifications such as size or color, quantity desired, etc. and we will get back to you rapidly, regarding the availability, quality and price of the item(s) requested with information on how to purchase them.


  • Woodland Camouflage BDU Shirts, SM - XL
  • Woodland Camouflage BDU Pants, SM - XL
  • Miscellaneous  Flight Suits and Coveralls
  • Olive Drab and  Woodland Camouflage Chemical suits
  • Olive Drab and Woodland Camouflage Field Pants with and without liners, XS - XL
  • Olive Drab Helmet Liners - small
  • Helmet Covers, Woodland Camo and Desert Camo
  • Olive Drab Duffel Bags in various conditions
  • Woodland Camo Ponchos
  • Army Dress Greens
  • Black Mickey Mouse Boots, most sizes, most with valves
  • mosquito netting
  • Shelter Halves, with poles and stakes
  • Wool Army blankets
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